The facade not only forms the outer end of a building, but is also representative of the character of the building. In recent decades, the wide range of design options in terms of construction and material has led to countless facade products available on the market.

We inspect and evaluate every type of substructure, cladding panels and the associated connecting means on your behalf in accordance with applicable national and international regulations!

Our tests are carried out under controlled conditions and exclusively with state-of-the-art, calibrated and monitored measuring technology by trained specialists. This means that you can rely on the validity of our results.

Depending on the requirements, the investigations lead to a test report, e.g. for submission to a structural engineer, to an expert opinion in preparation for approval in an individual case (ZiE) or to an evaluation report in preparation for a European Technical Assessment (ETA),

to enable the distribution of your product on the European market. If you are looking for a general building approval (abZ, german), we can also support you. Contact us for a non-binding and competent consultation!

In April 2019 we successfully completed our accreditation process according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 at the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) with the receipt of our accreditation certificate. The accreditation is valid for the scope specified in the document attachment D-PL-212105-01-00. The accreditation certificate can be viewed on our website, an overview of the fasteners concerned is given below:

  • DIN 18516-1 - External wall claddings, ventilated - Part 1: Requirements, test principles

DIN 18516-1 defines planning, dimensioning and construction principles for durable, rear-ventilated exterior wall claddings with and without substructure, including anchorages, connections and fastenings. In addition, test principles for rivet and screw-type connections are defined here, according to which we carry out tests on your behalf.

  • ETAG 034 - Kits for external wall claddings

ETAG 034 regulates the proof of conformity of ventilated curtain facades to be placed on the market. The first part deals with ventilated cladding elements and the associated fasteners. In the second part, the substructure and possible thermal insulation are also considered. With our calibrated measuring technology from well-known manufacturers, we can carry out all mechanical tests on your behalf and thus prepare your general building authority approval or your European Technical Assessment so that you can thrive on the German or European market.

  • EAD 090019-00-0404 - Kits for ventilated external wall claddings of lightweight boards on subframe with rendering applied in situ with or without thermal insulation

The EAD (European Assessment Document) describes tests for the assessment of ventilated facade systems with lightweight foam glass panels with glass fibre reinforcement on both sides or other lightweight materials than cladding. On your behalf, we determine valid values for the water absorption capacity, the mechanical resistance to wind, the load-bearing capacity of the fasteners, the bending properties and the impact resistance of your building product.

  • EAD 090020-00-0404 - Kits for external wall claddings made of agglomerated stone

The European Assessment Document EAD 090020-00-0404 establishes criteria and tests for the assessment of facade systems consisting of agglomerated stone cladding, linear or punctiform fasteners and a substructure. It is up to the manufacturer whether the complete system or only the cladding with the corresponding fasteners is to be evaluated and approved.

  • EAD 090034-00-0404 - Kit composed by subframe and fixings for fastening cladding and external wall elements

The EAD 090034-00-0404 originated from ETAG 034 and is therefore the most important European evaluation document for substructures of facades. The document distinguishes between numerous types of substructures and fasteners for cladding elements. Talk to us, ANC-TEC GmbH will determine together with you the possibilities and limits of the EAD for your product in a personal consultation appointment. We then determine valid results for the load-bearing capacity of the system.

  • EAD 330030-00-0601 - Fastener of external wall claddings

The EAD (European Assessment Document) defines requirements and tests for rear undercut fastenings in facade panels. The regulations cover cladding panels made of a wide variety of materials such as natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, glass-fibre reinforced concrete, PMMA and HPL. In preparation for your European approval (ETA), we quickly and reliably test your undercut fastenings in any materials with regard to their load-bearing capacity under tensile and/or transverse loads, as well as corner and edge influences.

  • TR 001 - Determination of impact resistance of panels and panels assemblies

The Technical Reports (TR) are published by EOTA and can be understood as a supplement to the EADs. They describe some aspects of testing and evaluation in more detail by summarising the common understanding of the EOTA committees' existing experiences. The TR listed above and intended for accreditation by us, allows us to determine the impact resistance of panels.

Are you missing a description of a relevant test standard or one of your products? No problem! Simply contact us by mail or telephone, ANC-TEC GmbH is there for you and will be happy to help you find a suitable solution.

Our project manager Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sebastian Möller will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about facades.